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 Here is a brief history of Mickey Thompson and his off road racing. He started Off-Road racing by driving for Parnelli Jones in 1969 and from there he started designing and building his own vehicles. I do not have all the information about Mickey and his Off Road racing but as this Information becomes avaible it will be added. Thanks for visting this site and have a great day.

1969 through 1972:

 M/T started driving for Parnelli Jones, being the new driver on the team M/T would find himself either sitting on the side lines or having to drive one of the lesser cars so M/T decided to start building his own cars. so his first off-road vehicle was a buggy powered with a Ford 4-cylinder industrial engine. The next vehicle was a 1972 Chevrolet C-10 pick-up, but M/T found the 1/2-ton pick-up wasn't up to the pounding he gave it. The Mint 400 was the first race that Mickey and his Son, Danny drove as a team. The C-10 Pick-up on the outside looks just like "Big Red" the 1973 C-20 M/T used the next year.


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