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INDY 500

1962 -1967




  M/T in 1962 was the first to have a rear engine, stock block car qualify at the Indy 500. The last time there was a stock block car at Indy was in 1946, when Andy and Joe Granatelli showed up with an eleven year old Miller-Ford. But M/T had the FIRST rear engine car with a stock block to qualify.

1962 @ Indy 500:

  M/T built two cars in 1962, both were rear engine and powered by a stock block Aluminum Buick V-8. One car qualified 8th with Dan Gurney driving.

1963 @ Indy 500:

  M/T had two cars qualify for the 1963 Indy 500. The drivers were Duane Carter who qualified 15th and Al Miller who qualified 31th. The new cars were rear engine and powered by Small Block Chevrolet.

1964 @ Indy 500:

M/T had two cars qualify in the Indy 500. The cars were driven by rookie driver Dave MacDonald who qualified 14th and Eddie Johnson who qualified 24th. There was a crash on the first lap and Dave MacDonald was killed.

1965 & 1966 @ Indy 500:

  M/T did not qualify any cars at the Indy 500 in 1965 or 1966.

1967 @ Indy 500:

  M/T built two new cars for the 1967 Indy 500, but unlike the other cars these two were completely different from the others and they were also different to each other. One was a front engine all wheel drive and all wheel steer, and the other car was a rear engine.

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1962 Indy 500

1963 Indy 500

Dave MacDonald - 1964

1967 Indy 500

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