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  M/T started racing on the street. I think one of the best races he had was between him and a woman, she beat him in the race so Mickey pulled her over to talk to her and before they knew it they were married. When Mickey started he had very little money. His dad was a police officer in LA so the family did not have much money for Mickey to spend on Autos. This lack of money caused Mickey to build most of every thing himself during the early years. We would weld up the cylinder heads inside the combustion chamber to raise the compression ratio. He was even known to have ground his own camshaft for his model "A" on a bench grinder.

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1954 Sling Shot

1958 Twin Engine

1961 Monster

1969 AA/FC

1969 Mustang

First Slingshot Dragster 1954

Streamlined Dragster - 1958

Dual use car Drag race and Land Speed Records

1969 Mustang AA/FC

1970 Maverick

1971 Pinto

 1971 Mustang

1972 Pinto

1972 Vega


1971 Pinto AA/FC

1971 Mustang AA/FC

1972 Pinto AA/FC

1972 Vega AA/FC

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1973 Grand Am

1974 Grand Am

1975 Olds

1973 Pontiac Grand Am AA/FC

1974 Pontiac Grand Am AA/FC

1975 Olds StarFire AA/FC

Misc. 1963


Dragster 1960


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