Mickey Thompson M/T

BONNEVILLE 1952 - 1968

Challenger I 1960


  M/T started racing on El Mirage a dry lake near LA when he was 15 years old, he had a buddy drive his Model A to El Mirage and Mickey went 79 MPH on his first trip, which was very close to the class record. That was the start of his teenage reputation for having the fastest cars in school.

  In the Early Fiftys M/T run a Compention Coupe at El Mirage and the Salt Flats. One year he had two flat head Ford V-8's and then he put a Chrysler Hemi in place of one of the flat head Fords.

  In 1958 M/T while on his way to a national drag race he stopped by the salt flats with a twin engine Hemi dragster, he took it onto the salt flats and run it setting a new record of 294 MPH which was 25 MPH faster than the previous record which took seven years to set by the prevoius record holder. This made Mickey decided to build a car which would go 400 MPH.

  In August 22, 1959 M/T took the "Challenger I" to Bonneville and run a 1 way top speed of 351.95 MPH and a two way average of 345.33 MPH and set 4 World records.

  On September 9, 1960 M/T took the "Challenger I" to a one way speed of 406.60 MPH to become the fastest person in the world. He did not set a two way average because of a drive shaft let go and there was not enough time to fix it and make a run.

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555 1958

Assault 1959*

Challenger 1959 *

bonneville 1952

M/T @ Bonneville 1953

Challenger 1960-62 *


Monster *

Attempt *

Pontiac  *

Challanger 1960-1962

The Punpkin Seed - 1961

Pontiac Catalina - 1962

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 1962 *


1968 *

1968 LSR

Challenger Now*

Bonneville 1962 with Indy car

M/T @ Bonneville 1967

M/T @ Bonneville 1968

M/T @ Bonneville 1966

The Challenger in 1997

Assault / Attempt 2012

Assault and Attempt now


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